About Sokol New York

The mission of Sokol New York is to provide fitness and community for individuals and families through physical, educational, cultural and social activities.

Founded in 1867, Sokol New York is part of a nation-wide organization called American Sokol. Czechoslovakian immigrants brought this movement with them to America

and the organization continues to embrace the Sokol credo:

“A sound mind in a sound body.”

Sokol is the Czech word for falcon. The falcon symbol was chosen for its power, endurance and keen perception.

Nazdar, which you may hear at the end of your Sokol class, translates to mean “on to success.”

Registration Overview

Children must meet the stated age criteria for the class by 9/30/2016. Classes start the week of 9/12/16 and continue to 6/11/2017 (children) or 6/30/2017 (adults) unless noted otherwise. See our calendar on the website for closings and events.

Gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics classes held Monday through Friday are only offered as full-year sessions. Fee for these classes includes required leotard.

Classes must consistently have a minimum of 4 participants to remain on the schedule.

To register:

  • Download the Registration forms from www.sokolnewyork.org
  • Complete the Registration forms and mail them, bring them in person (during regular business hours) or leave them in an envelope in our mail slot.
  • Mailing address: Sokol New York, 420 E 71st St, New York, NY  10021
  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration. We accept cash, check or credit card.
  • Listed prices don’t include the fee for competition, exhibition and promotion tests.
  • There is a fee of $35 for all returned checks or invalid credit card transactions.
  • $30 Class change fee